Monday, April 14, 2014


Annie Metallic Cami Dress c/o TFNC LONDON

In the battle of black versus white, which staple would you choose? Though both are essentials in any person's closet, there's been an evident inclination to the whiter side in today's fashion scene. White suits, white dresses, white shoes...white everything! I myself am guilty of adhering to the trend. Not so much because it's trending, but more of my natural love for the clean and crisp image that white gives off. It's a younger and fresher alternative to black, don't you think? 

For today's look, I brought my white outfit up a notch with a shimmer. Do you see it? It's quite subtle, but my skirt is flirtatiously shining with the sunlight! In cases like this, when you're wearing neutrals and simple silhouettes, playing with textures is a useful trick to make your look more special. That's exactly what this ANNIE METALLIC DRESS from Tfnc London does. Do check out TFNC LONDON, which is best known for their gorgeous party dresses and love for all things that glitter! 

Additionally, I do love how this shoot turned out! I'm still enjoying the effect of white, beige and silver juxtaposed against the beautiful magenta tones of the flowers in the background. Everything came together to give a sophisticated spring-inspired set of photos. 

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Photos by Irvinne Redor


  1. I would choose white, but my closet is full of black though:D. Anyway, you look adorable as always:)!

    1. Thanks dear :) Time to stock up on your white pieces for spring and summer :)

  2. I love your outfit and as always your so gorgeous. :)

  3. Perfect outfit!! Looks great on you :-) Good combination :-)

  4. beautiful neutral outfit! you look so beautiful!

    xoxo Sarah


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