Monday, October 27, 2014


by Aileen Belmonte
Sweater c/o MR. GUGU & MISS GO
Statement Necklace c/o PRETTY LITTLE BLINGS

Psychedelic prints are beautifully complemented by plain colors. In this case, I stuck to a classic black skirt from BLACKFIVE.COM. You can probably pair this with almost any color of your choice. You may think it would be scary to put together so many colors in one look, but this could work to create something really fun! Personally, I think it would go great with a green or blue pencil skirt. Red would probably be a nice option too. Maybe some colors to stay away from are those in the same scheme as the main hue. For instance, I'd avoid wearing pinks and yellows with this top, just so I won't blind anyone on the way with too much brightness. As always, it's all about balance and feeling comfortable in whatever sytle, cut, or color you wear! 

Enjoy your styling!

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Photos taken by Irvinne Redor

Saturday, October 11, 2014


by Aileen Belmonte

Dress c/o CHOIES
ZARA Heels

This colorful, printed, cut-out dress from CHOIES is way too fun! I was worried it wouldn't stand out against this funky graffiti background, but I just couldn't say no to more color! I love the explosion of blues, pinks, and purples in these photos. It's probably not my usual style, but it does embody my love for keeping a young and happy aura.  

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Photos taken by my mom

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


by Aileen Belmonte

Visco-Elastic Cropped Top c/o CHOIES
VINTAGE Clutch Bag

You may have noticed that midi skirts have been stealing the scene on this blog. Now, I wasn't always a fan of wearing my skirts mid-length. I used to believe that it was either short or long, and that anything in between was kinda iffy. But as fashion has always proven, one must never say never 'til it's given a try. I've come to find a fondness for these midis, which easily show off a classic and lady-like silhouette. I'm especially attracted to bubble skirts, such as this gorgeous gray and ivory, satin piece created by ISUMI MELANIA, distributed by ASTO GROUP clothing. I love how it hugs around the waist, and balloons out to emphasize all the right parts. For girls like me, who are bit curvier on the bottom half, this type of skirt is perfect for us! Wouldn't you agree?

Midi skirts are on the more conservative side, which makes them a perfect match with tops that show a bit more. With the rise of daring cropped and backless tops, it's no wonder that these skirts are so popular. I paired my skirt with a textured cropped top from CHOIES clothing. I loved the play of modern and classic, as well as the interaction of different fabrics. The color palette though, I kept to a spectrum of blues and grays. Don't these hues remind you of a perfect sky? Not too bright, not too cloudy, which is just how this breezy outfit feels too! I hope you love it as much as I do.

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Photos taken by Irvinne Redor